Weathermatic products deliver - The right amount of water to the right place at the right time!

Weathermatic Controllers Controllers
  • 6,9 or 12 station models
  • 3 independent programs
  • Short sensing skip circuit
  • Retains program when powered off
  • Long timing options
  • Odd or even + omit day schedule
Programming Weathermatic Controller

Weathermatic Valves Valves
  • Smooth precise reliable action
  • Opens and closes with a flip of the finger
  • The leader in life span with a 40 year track record
  • In the event of a diaphragm wall failure, valve remains closes
  • The ultimate valve for non-portable and drip applications
Weathermatic Sprinklers Sprinklers
  • T-top cap provides unequaled ease of installation
  • Widest variety of nozzles in the industry
  • Pressure activated wiper seal prevents heads from sticking up
Weathermatic Valcon Weather Station
  • Weathermatic Weather Sensors monitor rain, temperature, and wind speed then it sends the information to the SMARTLINE Controller to auto adjust zone run times
  • Protective white solar shields allow normal air flow while protecting sensor from direct sunlight for accurate temperature readings and eliminating the need for regular cleaning and maintenance of the weather station
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